work with us 


INFC is arranging various crusades (evangelistics meetings) every year in different continent of the world. We work directly with the local ministries and organize together evangelical meetings focussed in reaching the lost.
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church Planting

INFC is currently involved with a church planing in:

- Alblaserdam, The Netherlands

- Lahore, Pakistan 


kingdom leadership

There are many teachings and schoold about Kingdom Leadership. At INFC we belive that Jesus is the perfect leadership model. Through Him we can learn hoe we as leader should handle in order to get the right results as we would expect in a Christian ministry. Kingdom Leadership class is ideal for leaders who want to lead by example and be a true ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. Various courses can be booked from 3 day parts to the complete course of 10 modules. Are you interessed or you want to know more? Contact us and let's build God's kingdom together!


Born with a purpose

Born with a purpose is a course which will help you finding your new idenity in Christ and learn that you are born with a great destiny! What is the reason we are who we are? How do we get a new life and identity? Which goals do we receive as born again Christians? This and other questions will lead us findig answears and help us growing into our calling!
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school of evangelism

We belive that evangelism should be a part of every Christian daily life routine. We do not speak about a ministry but about a life style.  We are called to shine Christ light into this dark world. During the school of evangelism we will learn who we are as Christians and which is our new identity. From here we will discover that been ourself will be the most effective way of been a light and impact the place of autority  where God has placed us. We will discover the gift and talents of each of us and we will work out how we can use that to bring impact with the Gospel of Christ. Course exists of 10 modules and would be a great fundament for each beliver!  Are you interessed or you want to know more? Contact us and let's build God's kingdom together!


invite fausto as speaker 

Confirmed in the ministry of an Evangelist, he combines preaching, teaching, evangelism and leadership training along with his position as Managing Director of his international active company.

Fausto believes and carries the message of mercy and infinite love of God for the humanity and His plan of recovery and healing for this world. 

​Revival, healing, complete restoration and a Jesus Christ centered life are the main characteristics of Fausto's ministry. Fausto believes that God’s Word must be confirmed by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit by Signs and Wonders as we can learn from Jesus teachings.

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