Don't you know Jesus yet? There is a God who loves you!

Jesus is with (proven) certainty the most famous, most talked-about person of all time, all over the world. There has never been done so much publication before and now about one and the same person; books, magazines, films, songs, poems, plays and musicals, it does not stop. In addition, no one has ever been the subject of conversation as often as Jesus. He lived on Earth more than 2,000 years ago and it would not be surprising or illogical if he were completely forgotten. That in the meantime other people are the biggest and most lasting topic of conversation. Nothing is however less true! We can also add that 1/3 of the total world population is Christian and thus recognizes Jesus as the dead and resurrected Son of God. Converted this means that 2,300,000,000 (yes, 2.3 billion!) People believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to destroy the gap between God and man

Jesus was therefore not just a very good person, who did good things and died 'just' out of good deed for others. If this were so, we would not have heard much more about him than about other good people who died for a good cause. Jesus himself made an impressive statement and He came with a special mission. To recover what had been ruined with great loss. The good, perfect relationship between God (the Creator of man and everything we know and see) and man (self created by God to live in His presence as perfect man who has no death, sickness, war or other misery, made to live eternally in perfection with God in paradise) was broken. Man himself chose not to live together with God anymore and according to His complete plan and this created a break, or rather a gap, between God and man. Man chose for himself. God had given man a will of his own and therefore accepted their choice.

Robots, or free man?

We can briefly dwell on this. You may think: why did people have their own choice, their own will? God is omnipotent, they always say. Could he not have created this differently? If you think about this, it would mean one thing: we would have been like robots. Without own feelings, emotions, desires and so wants. If you imagine that your partner, child or anyone else would love you alone and want to live with you, because he or she is so programmed ... and vice versa. Would this then give satisfaction? Could real love exist then, a true bond that means something and can grow over time? No, that would be a lie.
Quite logically, then, that God, who is love, does not want an indecisive relationship with man, but one who can be true and real. It can consist of free will; by love, desire and affection.

Choice against God

So man ultimately chose a life without God's complete truth and God accepted this free will. He left everything to the man who went to work without God. We can clearly see the result of thousands of years of man's rule.
Not exactly what God had in mind. We can see this in the Bible. Since man has chosen to live separately from God, with a huge gap between them, all people receive after Adam and Eve as it are the 'inheritance' of this. This is because Adam and Eve were the first human, from which we ultimately all emerged. In order to restore this inheritance, which can also be seen as a curse, a man had to break this curse by bringing God and man back together in unity. We should be one with Him, so that we are in harmony with His will and plan.

God brought the solution

God had created man to live with them, close to each other. It is therefore not strange that God wanted to be close to man again. He loved the creation very much, including man. That's why God came up with a plan. By coming to earth in the form of His Son Jesus. Born as a human being, but shaped by the spirit of God.

Jesus lived on earth for about 30 years without ever being separated from God and without ever being disobedient to him. Remember, he was a human being here, just like us! He did all kinds of miracles (healed people from diseases, fed the poor, raised the dead and more) and with this he showed that God has a very different plan for man. That the miserable, difficult world we live in today is not the way of life according to God. By raising the dead, he himself showed that even death was never God's intention.

In heaven, with God, there is no death. There is just eternal life. Time does not exist. That is what Jesus offers us through faith in Him. However, the curse still had to be broken. No man but Jesus was able to remain completely obedient to God and so he had to be the one who had to give his life for us all.

Jesus crucified

As most people in the world know, Jesus was hanged on the cross and died. But his death was not just a death, because during this suffering he bore all the guilt that lay on man, because of their choice to live without God, and paid the sins with his own life (while in unity and obedience with God lived).
Because of this he broke the curse that rested on man, and by faith in him and what he did for man he offers eternal life.

Then He rose up from the death

How? Jesus did not stay on the cross, but rose from the dead and with this he confirmed to be God's son, who brought the unity between God and man back.
So Jesus is not a dead, charitable person. He still lives today and is forever enthroned in heaven at the right hand of God, the Bible tells us.
That is why 1/3 of the whole world is Christian! They do not believe in a good man who died long ago for a good deed. They have all come to know Jesus as their savior and savior. Because without Jesus we would not be able to come into contact with God again, remember? Only by accepting Jesus as the son of God who came to earth to bear my and your shortcomings and curse, can we come into contact with God again.

Everyone is welcome to Jesus! Whatever past you have. He himself said that he came, because God so loved the world, (the world = everyone) that he was willing to sacrifice his own son, so that everyone (everyone) who believes in Jesus will not be lost. but will receive eternal life (John 3:16)!

How do you get it?

We have seen that we do not want to live with God by nature and inheritance, although we were created to live with God. Living without God the creator is not a good option, just look at the world. Being divorced from God for all eternity is certainly not a pleasant option. That is why we must realize that we are lost without Jesus.

We can give our lives back to Jesus by giving in prayer with God (prayer) that we have made mistakes and lived without God. That we do not want to continue this way and we want to make a new start with God. That is repentance. That we recognize that Jesus died our death, paid our price. If we acknowledge this and believe that Jesus is God's son and paid our price, then Jesus himself says that all our mistakes are forgiven and we receive a new life. Millions of testimonies from people who made this choice can be summarized as being renewed, you to have found a goal, to receive inner peace and so on. This is because our lives are reunited with our creator and thus our Father. All emptiness that you have experienced in your life is now filled by what you have always missed. Unity with God.

Start of your new life

This is the beginning of your new life. Now you have to go further! You need it to get to know God and that's what the church is for. Find a church where Jesus is central and where it is taught that the Bible is the only foundation on which to build our lives. If you have questions about this piece or other things, you can find further contact details on the contact page.

Evangelist Fausto Tumolo